To secure a spot on my waiting list and cover materials, pay half of the total cost of the commission. I take 3-5 commissions at a time. When I complete a commission, the next person on the waiting list begins.​​​​​​​
Sculpture  - Price on request

Custom Sizes Base Price  
All prices stated  may vary due to cost of materials. You will receive an updated pricelist at the time of commission. 
Wood Panels 
12x12 +$500 
24x24 +$1500 
24x48 +$2500 
48x48 +$5000
 Custom Large Price on Request 
2x2 - $20.00 (mini canvas) 

12x12 +$600 
24x24 +$1750 
24x48 +$2700 
48x48 +$5000
Custom Large Price on Request

Portrait price per subject 
1 subject base price only 
2 subjects +50 
3subjects +100 
4 or more +150

Shipping Boxes 
12x12 +$50 
24x24 +$100 
24x48 +$200 
48x48 +$320 
If you are local, you may prefer delivery or pick-up. The boxes can also be used to store the artwork.

Base ____________________________________
Subject(s) ________________________________
Box _____________________________________
Shipping ________________________________
Media ___________________________________
Thank you! Do not hesitate to email me if you have not heard from me verifying your request in 24 hours. Have a lovely day!
Framed Image
Framed Image
Museum Panel
Museum Panel
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